Star Goals for Star Players

Jan 05, 2019
If you’re one of those people who sets goals, or has tried to set goals, you may find this post useful. Goal setting is a skill and there are many tools out there to help you formulate your goals in a way that makes it more likely that you’ll succeed. 
When comparing the goals that I’ve achieved with those that I haven’t I’ve found this STAR principle to be quite informative. So, I thought I’d share it with you. 
S stands for Support. Setting a goal usually requires making some changes. Knowing that someone is there for you will help you through the more challenging parts. A skilled professional coach is the ideal. But, a close friend or family member can also work. 
T stands for Tracking. Achieving a goal is a journey of many steps and like any journey it’s useful to know where you are at any time vis a vis where you want to be. You can then enjoy and even celebrate your progress. And, if necessary, you can take corrective action. Today, there are many apps available to help you track your progress in almost anything. 
A stands for Accountability. This is like “Tough Love”. Ask someone to hold you accountable. Again, a skilled coach might be useful. Some people find their accountability by going public with their goal. Social media provides ample possibilities for doing this, if this is what works best for you. 
R is for Routine. Create a routine for yourself. It’s one way to develop discipline and break bad habits. And, your brain will eventually respond to the new patterns you create. This can be as simple as keeping a journal and writing down as regularly as possible how you’re progressing towards your goal. This is what I do. You’ll either be describing what you’re doing, the results you're getting, or you’ll have nothing to write. That in itself is powerful feedback! 

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