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"It is rare to come across such an experienced talent like Gerry. His ability to get participants engaged in his workshops and to communicate complex processes in a simple way is outstanding. "

John Di Stefano
(Founder Entrepreneur Academy & Community Officer at PTPI Hub Brussels)

"Gerry is the most inspiring coach, trainer, public speaker and professional communicator I have ever come across so far. Any organisation which needs motivating its employees or keeping an event’s audience engaged and entertained must get in touch with Gerry. "

- Coralia Catana
(European Commission)

"If you enjoy learning, endless possibility and discovery - you want to explore your world on a deeper level and have fun while doing it - I recommend working with Gerry. And if you don't enjoy these things do it anyway!"

Sven Ă–zel
(Project Manager - Centre for Creative Leadership)

"Gerry is an inspirational trainer with great story-telling skills and a sense of humour"

Maya Todorova
(Training & Events - Enterprise Europe Network)

"He has a non-conventional way of teaching concepts using anecdotes and metaphors that remain in the head even years after the training! Gerry is not only a great trainer but also a great coach."

Yayi Samaké
(Career Coach & HR Consultant)

"His ability to inspire us to dig deeper within ourselves led to lots of new personal and professional insights "

Ankiza Gakuna
(Senior Account Director at Catapult Brand Consulting Ltd)

"I liked his energy : Wowwww I have never met someone like Gerry!"

RĂ©mi Hermetz
(Strategy Consultant, Symphyo)

"Gerry is a wonderful storyteller and trainer, who may well change your life! He did for me."

Susan Wild
(Freelance Writer and Storyteller)

"I appreciated Gerry's fundamental humanity and sincere desire to help those he came into contact with overcome the challenges they faced - both professional and personal - and come out ahead."

David Camacho
(Managing Director/Owner at DC Communication Consultants, Inc.)

"Thanks to Gerry I acquired a stronger sense of internal locus of control. This all has enabled me to deliver convincing speeches without any negative presentiments related to appearing in front of large audiences and has also shaped the way I convey my messages to people in general."

Nick Korchunov
(Relationship Manager & Consultant, Bloomberg)

"I was most grateful for his relaxed and inspiring way of working with our team whilst running a tight time schedule. He connected well with staff and intervened at the right time when the team derailed in their discussions or exercises. His Irish sense of humor was an extra bonus!"

Brigit Law
(Project Manager | Marketing Communications | Defence, Safety and Security, TNO)

"Gerry's follow-up and dedication was obvious from the first contact onwards and he lived up to the expectations during the sessions."

Katrien Van Eetvelde
Founder and owner at Indra Partners

"In 4 days I went from dreading public speaking to loving it, thanks to Gerry's insight, well structured training and non-confrontational approach "

Hester Regoort
(Communications Coach)

"Gerry was a fantastic mentor and provided me with extremely valuable feedback. He is certainly one of the go-to-persons in Brussels and beyond when it comes to change work and professional coaching."

Alexander Kramer
(Senior Review Manager, Consilio)

"Having experienced Gerry in the trainer and coach role, I can safely say that he stands for value in his being and doing."

Ali Sohail
(Co-Founder of deskOteque)

"Gerry is a guy to die for, amazingly funny and able to explain anything in a few simple words. "

Stefanita Vilcu
(Broadcast Operations Engineer at Ericsson)

How Adaptive Capacity Changes Everything

Adaptive Capacity is the foundation of Adaptive Leadership. The key to your Adaptive Capacity often lies Beneath the Surface. How much Adaptive Capacity do you and your team have? Watch the TEDx talk from 2022.


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Gerry specialises in using the latest Neuroscience research to teach people how to manage their brain and change their behaviour. He combines this with his expertise in Talent Analytics to help clients make better people decisions. Through his Keynotes, Seminars and Coaching he provides his clients with profound insights into why they behave the way they do, and what they can do about it


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How to make Better Talent Decisions Keynote presentation to a group of Entrepreneurs in Odessa, Ukraine (November 2021)


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"Procrastination is putting off until tomorrow what you should have done yesterday"


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