How to have Better Relationships

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have better relationships than others?

This seminar is for you if:
  • Your current relationships are not going as well as you would like 
  • You’d like to get along better with colleagues at work
  • Some relationships seem to work and others don't
  • You’re still looking for that perfect partner and have so far been unlucky in love
  • You work professionally with people who are having relationship problems and want to enhance your range of relationship-building tools

What will we do?

All relationships, whether personal or professional, are based on some fundamental principles. During the seminar, you’ll discover:
  • How the brain deals with relationships
  • The 3 main reasons why many personal relationships fail and how you can deal directly with these
  • How to have better relationships at work

How will we do it?

Through a combination of explanations, demonstrations and short exercises you’ll get to explore your past, current and future relationships. The seminar will be conducted content-free so you will be able to do this without revealing any specific details of these relationships!

Your Guide - Gerry Murray

In addition to his extensive work in Talent Management Consulting and as a Keynote Speaker, Gerry teaches Personal & Professional Development skills to international organisations. He has tested out all the techniques and tools and uses them daily to achieve consistent results in his own life.
Gerry is Certified as a Practitioner of Brain & Behaviour Change and explains the Neuroscience behind why we do what we do and how to change things that aren't working. He is also a Master Coach and NLP Trainer and has worked with thousands of people to enable them to improve their lives. 
Happily married (2nd time round) he knows first hand the ups and downs of relationships and how when they work they lead to a more fulfilled life.

Continue Your Personal Development

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Date: 1st October 2019

Cooperativa Kreativa
8 rue Volta
1050 Ixelles


Check-in, snacks & drinks: 18:30
Seminar Starts: 19:00
Seminar Ends: 21:30
Socialising: 21:30-22:00



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