Your Take that Step Program

A six-month program for people who want to achieve a specific goal, realise a dream and live their life on purpose. 

Particularly relevant to anyone wanting to start a business or become an independent contractor or freelancer. 

What do I get? 

The outcome for this program is that you achieve your goal. 

Professional support, accountability and tracking of progress are critical if you want to guarantee your success

This program includes all of this and more. You get a unique assessment of your greatest strengths, a blind spots analysis, an enjoyment-performance analysis and a stress management plan.

Our unique Talent Assessment tools will enable you to identify your strengths and areas for development as a potential Entrepreneur or Independent Professional. 

Included is the full Take that Step audio program that provides you with a tried and tested foundation and toolbox for Personal Empowerment. 

How does it work? 

Each month you have a Skype coaching session* with me and in between each session, you work on creating and then implementing your plan of actions. 

I will combine coaching and mentoring skills to guide and help you find what works best for you.

In this way, you'll get that crucial professional support, accountability and tracking to keep you on course.  

How do I join? 

You can pay in monthly instalments or in one full payment in advance. All fees include 21% VAT. 

Limited Places

There are only 3 new places on this program every month. 

*It's also possible to do these sessions in person if you live in Belgium



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