How to Regulate your Emotions

“It’s only through knowing your brain that you can change it.” ~ David Rock

Do you ever wonder why you:

  • Can't think straight, can't solve a problem or make a clear decision
  • Overreact to a situation and then afterwards regret it
  • Overindulge in some things (e.g. food, drink) and then feel guilty about doing so
  • Feel anxious about future events
  • Lack motivation
  • Enjoy rollercoasters! 

Would you prefer to be able to regulate your emotions and stay cool under pressure? Achieve what you want to achieve and enjoy the process more? 

State Management is the foundation of our ability to perform in life. It conditions our behaviours and, therefore, our results. 

We all have good days and bad days. Sometimes we feel great and other times not so good. Many factors influence this and affect our state. 

Understanding how your brain creates emotions is the first and most important step to being able to manage your state for consistent optimal performance. 

Knowing how to elegantly generate "Flow States" is the icing on the cake! 

Watch the video clip to learn more about Flow States and get a flavour of the seminar. 

Meet Your Brain

Your brain deals with everything that happens to you, whether internally or externally. It can be an incredibly efficient organ. However, it is a system and like all systems, it requires all its parts to work together to function well as a whole. And, this is where things can get quite tricky.

In this seminar, you’ll learn about some basic aspects of how your brain works in an easy to understand, non-technical way. Based on this you’ll get some valuable insights into what aspects of your brain may be contributing to challenges in your life, at work or at home.

You’ll then do some exercises to test out how well and easily you can learn to take control of your brain and manage it better.


When you join this seminar you'll get the option to complete an assessment, which will show you your Emotional Intelligence strengths, what specific traits make you strong, and where you can improve your EI. 

Build a Foundation

This seminar forms part of a Neuroscience Seminar series that is supported by online content and tools. Topics covered include how to: 

  • Regulate your emotions and stay cool under pressure
  • Have more insights and be more innovative and creative
  • Learn and develop yourself
  • Solve problems and make better decisions
  • Reduce your Unconscious Bias
  • Develop stress and resilience
  • Be more effective, efficient and productive
  • Break habits
  • Develop more confidence
  • Build better relationships and collaborate with others
  • Be more motivated
  • Have more influence
  • Become a better negotiator
  • Facilitate and deal with change

Your Guide

Gerry Murray is certified as a Practitioner of Brain and Behaviour Change and Applied Neuroscience. He's also a Master Coach and NLP Trainer. In 2009, he founded the successful Personal Development in Brussels community where he offers regular taster seminars on topics to help people develop themselves.  


Date: 2nd July 2019


Cooperativa Kreativa

8 rue Volta

1050 Ixelles



Check-in, snacks & drinks: 18:30

Seminar Starts: 19:00

Seminar Ends: 21:00

Socialising: 21:00-22:00


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