Personal Development Programmes

"Although I have many good qualities, my life and relationships need continuous improvement. True character is developed though self-inquiry which ultimately leads to discovering the full impact of one's weaknesses and faults as well as the revelation of one's grandeur. A person of self-dignity listens carefully to his/her critics and adjusts him/herself to allow his/her splendour to shine forth even more brightly." ~ Dr Dan Harrison




In 2009 I founded the Personal Development in Brussels Meetup Community. Each month we offer taster sessions on a wide variety of Personal Development topics. We also offer Webinars so you can join us from afar. Many of the live events are supported by online materials. 


Online Courses

An evolving range of Online Courses that provide you with insights, tools, tips and techniques on how to develop yourself. Learn at your own pace, at a location and time of your choosing. Free taster courses included. 


One-to-One Coaching

"Coaching is unlocking people's potential to maximise their own performance" ~ Sir John Whitmore

Sometimes you can find yourself off-course in some aspect of your life. Or, you want to achieve something that has so far alluded you. Or, you simply want to take stock before making an important decision. Having professional support can be the difference between success and failure. 



My Coaching Programmes are composed of different features and unique tools to suit your specific needs.

Emotional Intelligence Report

Managing & regulating emotions is a vital skill. Without this you can make costly decisions and damage relationships. You'll get an insight into what stressors may be causing you to experience emotional flips. You'll also get a detailed insight into your Emotional Intelligence strengths and areas for improvement. 

Stress Reduction Plan

Stress is one of our biggest challenges. Too much stress is not good for our health and can force us to behave totally out of character in various contexts. I provide insights into what triggers stress and how you can respond. You get a plan with tips and advice on how to reduce stress. 

Online Tutorials & Templates

I provide you with short online courses and downloadable learning materials, templates, etc. to help you get the most out of your Coaching Programme.

One-to-One Personalised Coaching Sessions

You have the option to have live online coaching sessions with me. A first session lasts 2 hours and covers how to interpret your Personal Development reports and what actions to take. This initial session can be stand-alone or followed with regular shorter sessions as part of a three or six month programme.

Personal Development Plan

We often have a behavioural trait or a competency that we need to develop to be able to succeed better in life. You can choose an area to work on and I'll give you a detailed Personal Development Plan to follow to get there. 

Career Reports

If your work is affecting your overall well-being then I can provide you with specific career-related reports to help you make better career choices and decisions. I also give you a unique way of answering that dreaded interview question: "What are your weaknesses?"


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