How to have more Confidence

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Why do you want more Confidence?

Here are some reasons people give me

I'm a naturally confident person and for some reason I'm experiencing a blockage in one area of my life

Because of my past experiences (family, school, work, relationships) I never feel totally confident and shy away from many things in my life

I have clients who want more confidence and I want to be able to explore this with a wider range of tools and techniques

How to have more Confidence

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do" ~ Mark Twain

Are you living up to your full potential?

We all have the experience of being ultra confident in some areas of our lives and seemingly having virtually no confidence in another area. For example, being confident discussing a project with your boss and falling apart when asked to present the same project to 20 colleagues.

Ever wonder why it's like this?

Join us for an evening of learning and fun where we explore how to feel more confident every day about everything you choose to do...

You'll learn how your brain deals with confidence and how this affects your mindset. Building on this knowledge, you'll get some easy-to-apply tools and techniques to take control of your own confidence. 

The seminar is practical, experiential and interactive. 

"Don't compromise yourself - you're all you've got." ~ Janis Joplin


What's it like to attend a Personal Development seminar?

Participants share their experience of attending one of our Personal Development events.


Learn from a Master

"It is rare to come across such an experienced talent like Gerry. His ability to get participants engaged in his workshops and to communicate complex processes in a simple way is outstanding." ~ John di Stefano

Train Your Brain

Learn how to manage your Brain rather than having your Brain manage you! You'll learn about the latest Neuroscience research into how the brain works and how to apply this to your Personal Development. 

Affordable Seminars

With a focus on providing value for money, these seminars are affordable for everyone. Small investment with a big return on your Personal Development. Special Early Booking deals for Individuals and Couples. 

Free e-Book

When you attend this seminar you'll get a copy of my Free e-Book Confident You! This contains over 30 pages of tips, advice and exercises.


Important Information

Registration, drinks & snacks - 18:30

Seminar starts - 19:00

Socialising, drinks & snacks - 21:30

Bring something with you to take notes


Seminars take place in the cosy & friendly Cooperativa Kreativa venue in Ixelles, Brussels. 

Rue Voltastraat 8

1050 Ixelles/Elsene


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